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Westheat Industries is a leading distributor of blow-molded bottles, bottle caps, decorative bottle crocks and drinking water coolers, servicing all of Canada and the USA. In addition, the company distributes a full line of bottle accessories such as pumps, valves and cradles, along with a full line of water treatment and filtration products. Headquartered in Winnipeg Manitoba, the company has warehouses and sales offices in Langley BC, Barrie ON and Montreal QC. Westheat will soon be adding a warehouse and sales office in Florida to service the US southeast marketplace.

In its Barrie and Winnipeg locations the company manufactures
its own line of 18.9 and 11 liter water bottles, blow molded in
BPA-free PET.

Please download our catalog and contact us at:
Head office: Winnipeg MB ~ Langley BC ~ Barrie ON ~ Montreal QB

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